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A walk inside Warung Turki is like being transported to a quaint little village in Mediterranean Turkey. Every little detail has been carefully designed to give the guests a glimpse of Turkey. From the traditional bamboo roofing, dangled with beautiful colorful mosaic lanterns, to the walls painted with deep turquoise color, picked as Warung Turki's theme color for its representation of the Me...

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Average Prices

IDR 75.000 - 285.000


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Opening Hours

Sun-Sat @ 11.30-24.00



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  • WARUNG TURKI BY TURKUAZ, Jalan Kemang Raya No.18A Jakarta Selatan 12730

Chef Profile

Chef Sezai Zorlu

Chef Sezai Zorlu, Head Chef and owner of Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish Cuisine and Warung Turki by Turkuaz in Jakarta, Indonesia, has a long and distinguished journey in culinary world, also known as the ambassador of Turkish cuisine in Indonesia since 1999. Coming from a small town called Iskenderun, South East of Turkey and surrounded by fine food his entire life has made his love to food grown stronger since early age. Growing up with 4 brothers, some of them had to help his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. The magical hands of his mother and grandmother have transformed simple dishes that use only few ingredients into an amazingly tasty dish as the food are cooked passionately with love for the family. “Eating is a joyful event for families in Turkey and we spend hours on a daily basis, eat slowly and chat about the day events, because this is where everyone get together to see each other as a family after a long day of activities” he explained.