Patio Venue & Dining

Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Serves a good variety of high-quality dishes from multiple-countries. Does not include fusion cuisine.

Located in South Jakarta’s upscale residential district of Kebayoran Baru, Patio Venue & Dining, a sister restaurant to its Plataran siblings, offers an exclusive dining environment for savoring casual Asian and Western dishes– classic flavors exquisitely presented for the most discerning palates.


  • Patio Venue & Dining, Jl. Wijaya XIII No. 45 , Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta 12160 Get Map Direction

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Signature Dish

Capelli D'Angelo All Aragosta

Angel hair pasta, lobster, flying fish roe, garlic, chili flakes, olive oil.

Official Card of the BRBCA

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