Best Indonesian Restaurant 

Serves high-quality, authentic Indonesian dishes. Should show visible efforts in carrying out the Indonesian theme through decor, table setting, menu, service level or other means.

1945 is an innovative re-imagining of traditional Indonesian food as gourmet cuisine. Using precision modern cooking techniques and fresh, premium quality natural ingredients, 1945 strives to create a fine dining experience that is recognizably and authentically Indonesian. Elevating familiar dishes into exquisitely flavorful and colorful creations through the alchemy of its kitchen, the recipes created by 1945 juxtapose the old and new, the common and the unexpected of Indonesian cooking.


  • Fairmont Jakarta, 3rd floor Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno , Jakarta 10270

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Signature Dish

Short Rib Maranggi

Official Card of the BRBCA

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