What is BRBCA ?


akarta is home to ten million people from many ethnic backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, which may explain the wide diversity of restaurants, cafes and bars in the city, each serving up their specialties to cater to the varied palates in the capital.

As a constantly updated sourced information platform, NOW! Jakarta always brings you latest highlights in the city’s dining scene. As part of our efforts to promote and reward those who are excelling in all things culinary, each year we facilitate and host the NOW! JAKARTA Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA). The Jakarta BRBCA is the most respected and transparent awards in the industry because the winners are voted by our readers through an online voting system.

The Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA) started ten years ago with a mission to acknowledge, recognise and award dining establishments for their excellent service, quality dishes and overall authentic experiences through a process voted entirely by diners.. yes, that is YOU!

Up until this year we have awarded more than 100 restaurants, bars and cafes in Jakarta that the voters said deserved to be called BEST IN TOWN! And this year, the 10th Anniversary of the Awards, we are asking you to once again participate and vote for your favourite dining outlets in Jakarta.

Last year the Jakarta BRBCA website attracted more than 1,300,000 viewers and made over 52,000 total votes for 144 participating venues, showing the excitement this city has for it’s dining scene. This year the figures are expected to increase again. The goal is to find, through public choice, which restaurant is the best in a specific category.

Why is it important for you to vote?

The reason is simple: we want the best places to win, to be awarded and recognised. And they can only win with YOUR vote!

What's in it for you?

You will get a chance to win 3 major prizes at the end of the voting, as your name will be entered in a lucky draw.

This year as we pledge to support the zero waste or plastic campaign, we ought to encourage all restaurants participants to the zero food waste and no plastic campaign by soliciting participants to support the program. At the end of this thriving campaign, the winners are celebrated at our annual BRBCA Gala Night, an evening of wining, dining and entertainment.

At the end of this thriving campaign, the winners are celebrated at our annual BRBCA Gala Night, an evening of wining, dining and entertainment.

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